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Flute Studio

Are you looking for.....

      a teacher who listens to you?

     a program created for you based on your            talents and goals?

   a teacher who blends traditional learning      with cutting edge techniques and fun?

      Then look no further!

I love sharing music with others. My goal is for others to enjoy music as much as I do no mattter what their level or desired level is. I believe that anyone can enjoy anything to matter what their abilities are.

You don’t have to have a performance career, sit first chair or win awards to enjoy music. I consider it a success when students play to the best of their ability and enjoy playing. However, if someone desires to go down the more competitive route, I am more than happy to go there with them.

Everyone has a different learning style to go along with their desires and variety of needs as a flutist. I tailor lessons to meet individual needs and desires. I use lesson book as a guide, but I also pull from many other resources. I use technology such as accompaniment tracks, SmartMusic and music apps to enhance learning. I have many resources of music literature and games to engage them on their level and desires. Some students want to work on jazz while other have classical tastes. I cover a bit of everything, but will concentrate on what the student wants to learn. I have rhythm games to help those who are challenged by rhythms and sight reading challenges for those auditions. I find creative ways to assist the student in what challenges them.

Fundamentals and good tone are emphasized along with learning music theory, history and styles. If you have a good tone and know your fundamentals, they become as easy as breathing allowing you to concentrate on the concepts of the piece. When you have a good foundation of the concepts, you are able to make music with the written music and play with expression.

If you want to have fun and enjoy music in a relaxed atmosphere, contact me!

I am excited to be sharing music with you!

Flutefully yours,

Traci Bluhm

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